Gopal Sreenevasan Speaks on Developing a Counsel Practice
September 4, 2022
CPD Series

On the 19th of August 2022, the Firm was pleased to have had Gopal Sreenevasan speak at a webinar as part of its Continuing Professional Development series for the year.

Gopal is a senior and established litigator in this jurisdiction.

The session was titled “Developing a Counsel Practice”.

At the session, Gopal explained what were the main functions of an advocate who appears as Counsel as well as the principal benefits of maintaining an exclusively counsel practice.

Gopal stated that the present conditions of the local Bar were conducive for an advocate to develop a counsel practice. This was particularly in view of the advent of the Group Law Practice regime.

On the steps junior advocates could take to develop their own counsel practices, Gopal suggested that such juniors should aim to get as much Court room exposure as possible, take opportunities to work with other advocates outside of their firms and, finally, observe other advocates in their presentations in Court with a view of “developing their own voices”.

The Firm is privileged to have hosted Gopal for the session.

A link to a video recording of the sessions is accessible here:

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